What if we could solve the water crisis and give all people unlimited access to clean water?

About Nanoseen

Our mission and commitment is to harness the power and potential of next-generation nanomaterials to create solutions and innovative products that solve problems of the modern world including the water crisis, plastic pollution and emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Nanoseen R&D projects

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No-energy, no-pressure water purification and desalination nanomembranes.


Nano-powder increasing productivity of crops and seeds.


Nano and micro-plastics photodegradation -- water purification.

NanoseenX nanomembranes

Nanoseen engineers and scientists have come up with the world’s first technological solution for the purification and desalination of water without the need for an energy source, with potential to help solve worldwide freshwater shortages.


A powder produced on the basis of advanced nanomaterials that accelerates the growth of plants in a natural way, and at the same time reduces the costs of cultivation and protects seeds and plants against the undesirable effects of bacteria and fungi.


Nanoseen is an innovative and rapidly growing nanotechnology start-up organization.
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Nanoseen’s strategy is to continue to innovate and enable the production of more sophisticated and powerful nanomaterials, while also partnering with strategic partners to provide you an end to end service for the discovery, development and manufacture of innovative products.