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Tests to verify the effectiveness of NanoboosteX nanopowders were carried out using different versions and concentrations of nanopowders in relation to zero samples.

Crop type:

  • internal crops [Nanocultiv], external crops [Partners-Farmers] and cultivation carried out by Ministry of Agriculture.
  • field crops; vertical crops; greenhouse crops.

NanoboosteX test results



NanoboosteX nanopowders have a positive effect on the growth and development, and also increase the yield of vegetables and herbs in sheltered facilities and in field cultivation. NanoboosteX nanopowder increases biometric and physiological parameters, i.e. chlorophyll content and flavonol ratio, L-ascorbic acid and protein content. Additionally, the obtained vegetables and herbs are characterized by a greater share in the yield structure of commercial fruit of good quality (classes I and II). In herbal plants, it increases the content of essential oils in the herb. NanboosteX Nanopowder Stimulator is intended for soil application in the cultivation of vegetables and herbs on all types of soil. NanoboosteX nanopowders reduce the costs of growing plants. They enable reducing carbon dioxide emissions and saving water and energy. They are universal, easy to use and store.

NanoboosteX benefits

NanoboosteX preparation

Precautions and storage:


It is not a hazardous substance or mixture within the meaning of Regulation (EC) 1272/2008. Work in accordance with occupational health and safety regulations. Avoid contamination of eyes, skin and mouth. Store in a closed and airtight container, in a dry place.

Preparation of the usable suspension:

Determine the required amount of suspension, weigh the appropriate amount of the stimulator - NanoboosteX Nanopowder, pour it into a tank, e.g. intended for watering and/or irrigating field crops or under cover. Mix thoroughly to obtain a homogeneous suspension. Then apply it to the soil, watering the plant at the sowing or seedling stage. A single application to the soil is sufficient for the entire life cycle of the plant.


Selecting proportions in relation to the area of ​​cultivation and the number of plants. The amount of nanopowder is 0.15 g per 10 m2 (150 g per 1 ha), which should be introduced into 0.3-0.5 l/10 m2 (300-500 l per 1 ha) of water depending on the type of sprayer, mixing thoroughly. creating a homogeneous suspension. Use the preparation once a season. Apply to the soil once at the stage of sowing seeds or planting seedlings. Spread the preparation evenly over the soil surface.

Accelerate the growth and development of the above-ground part of the plant: stem, leaves, buds, flowers and fruits.

Increase the adsorption capacity of micro and macronutrients present
in the soil.

Positive effect on the mass and development of the plant's root system.

NanoboosteX nanopowders cause the formation of an expanded plant root system. This allows plants to increase their ability to take up micro- and macronutrients, as well as to conduct photosynthesis more actively. In addition, the activity of key enzymes involved in, for example, carbon or nitrogen metabolism is increased. This results, among other things, in increased accumulation of carbohydrates (sugar, starch), soluble protein or nitrogen. The above-mentioned mechanisms contribute to improving both the quality and quantity of crop production.

How does it work?

Climate change is negatively affecting agricultural production through the occurrence of more frequent droughts, floods, migration of pollutants, contamination of soils, rising crop costs, etc.

Climate Change


Gas emissions, chemicals use, inefficient soil and crop management, and transportation contribute to climate change.

Agriculture contributes significantly to the progression of climate change at the same time dealing with its negative effects. One of the necessary measures is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and the use of environmentally safe fertilizers and crop protection products.

New solution for
sustainable agriculture 

NanoboosteX Nanopowders

Created by Nanocultiv - dedicated unit of Nanoseen specializing in the application of nanotechnology in agriculture.

NanoboosteX are innovative nanopowders that have carbon-based nanomaterials in their composition. They are characterized by high purity, homogeneity and high adsorption capacity. As a result, nanopowders increase the efficiency of crops and stimulate the growth of plants in field crops and in greenhouses, which enables the production of healthy, organic agricultural products and plants. 







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