NanopaintX – antiviral paints that purify the air of smog and CO2 with 12,000 times greater resistance to damage

109% strength increase of polymer materials thanks to NanopolymerX solution

Nanoseen provides world-class Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)

Desalination industrial and domestic water filters of the future.

NanoseenX water desalination and purification filter doesn’t need energy supply or pressure.

Important US organization The Borgen Project noticed Nanoseen activities.

Nanoseen is proud to be in the top 50 innovations of Food & Water by the Blue Tulip Awards

These Are The Top 39 Nanotechnology Startups to Follow in 2021 (incl. Nanoseen!)

Nanoseen among Best Chemical Engineering Companies in Europe (2021)

Nanoseen recognized among 15 Best Chemical Engineering Startups!

Nanoseen among top 6 World’s Materials Startups You Should Watch in 2021.

Nanoseen ranked as one of the Top Chemical Engineering Startups (2021)

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Composition Design of Block Copolymers for Porous Carbon Fibers

Economical Salt-Resistant Superhydrophobic Photothermal Membrane

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Rational Design of Halloysite Surface Chemistry for High Performance Nanotube

Electrotreated Carbon Nanotube Membranes for Facile Oil−Water

Innovation – Copper Nanoneedles

Innovative Synthesis – Carbon Nanotube Forest

Innovatory Method of Obtaining Copper Nanotubes

Innovative Synthesis of Carbon Nanomaterials on Recycled Copper Catalyst

Cutting-edge Synthesis of Copper Nanoneedles

Sensitivity-Tunable Strain Sensors

Interfacially Interactive Ternary Silver-Supported Polyaniline

Carbon Nanotube Transistors as Gas Sensors: Response Differentiation…

Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Filters for Toxin Removal from Cigarette Smoke

Degradation of Cosmetic Microplastics via Functionalized Carbon Nanosprings

Unconventional Method of Synthesis of Carbon Nanomaterials