Innovative Nanoseen solutions to solve water crisis challenges

Nanoseen’s strategy is to continue to innovate and enable the production of more sophisticated and powerful nanomaterials, while also partnering with strategic partners to provide you an end to end service for the discovery, development and manufacture of company products that will help solve many problems related to climate change such as water shortage and plastic pollution.

Different organizations have different philosophies, timeline requirements, and engineering budgets. To help accommodate these variances, we have multiple ways that you can partner with us.

Technical resources

Nanoseen draws from a wide array of scientific, manufacturing, test and industry resources to fuel our rapid R&D pace. 

Own R&D Lab

We possess our own laboratories equipped with the most modern laboratory equipment necessary to carry out research and development works.


Nanoseen also carries out research and development works, providing professional laboratory services to external clients.

Industry relationships

Pilot and production-scale contractors, substrate manufacturers, laboratory equipment, nanomaterial vendors.


Invest in Nanoseen

We’re looking for investors and partners to join our team in realizing the future of nanotechnology who will help us move to the next stage in the development of the company's products. Consider this as your future investment.

Engineering Services

Leverage Nanoseen expertise to subcontract market and nanotechnology exploration, project design, and other non-IP generating activities. Ideal for: early-stage exploration before a clearly defined project scope is ready.

Plug & Play

Purchase Nanoseen nanomaterials as-is to integrate them with your products and solutions.

Joint Development

Secure dedicated resources for complex, longer-term projects requiring refined technology and manufacturing customizations. Ideal for: large, complex projects with well- defined solution criteria