About Nanoseen

Nanoseen is a team of passionate nanotechnology engineers and scientists who prove remarkable properties of the nanomaterials as a core component of the company’s products solving many problems related to climate change.

To pioneer the next generation of nanotechnology solutions, we have combined ground-breaking research with cutting-edge technologies to develop technologies against water scarcity, carbon dioxide emissions, plastic water pollution and beyond.

We created world’s first no-energy no-pressure water purification and desalination solution to help fight global drinking water shortages


Domestic use NanoseenX Water Filter

Bartosz Kruszka

Co-Founder, CEO/CSO

Bartosz Kruszka has been involved in nanotechnology since 2009. At that time, while attending the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, he started his scientific work already in the first year of studies, which resulted in many scientific successes, including a Diamond Grant from the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

Bartosz was a head of the research project “Synthesis of nanotube forests and study of the physicochemical properties of carbon-carbon nanocomposites used as nanotube membranes for water desalination.” and leader of the research project “Synthesis and study of physicochemical properties of innovative carbon nanomaterials”.

Bartosz Kruszka has many years of experience as a developer of nanoproducts. Since 2012, he has also been involved in the topic of water desalination. Innovator and creator of nano-products.

Mikołaj Granuszewski

Co-Founder & COO

Experienced company builder with a passion for generating positive social and environmental impact.
Mikolaj founded and led the growth of multiple international startups. Earlier in his career, Mikolaj was a principal with the Mikson Group, a strategy consulting firm, where he worked with global companies.

In the past, Mikolaj used to work in Schöller, Nestlé and Mövenpick companies, where he was also responsible for business development opperations.


R&D Manager

Paulina Wozniak gained experience necessary to work in a laboratory during her internship at the Fertilizer and Soil Laboratory in Włocławek (ORLEN Laboratorium S.A.), where she performed various types of analyses of wastewater and soils.

Paulina was involved in the implementation of the Foto4Chem project – construction of an innovative thin-film photoreactor for water disinfection and treatment made on the basis of nanomaterials.

Paulina Wozniak – R&D team member, has gained experience in performing all types of nanomaterial syntheses during studies while participating in the projects that consisted in construction of a novel thin film photoreactor for disinfection and water treatment based on nanomaterials. She has more than 3 years’ experience in nanotechnology Research.


Wioletta Król

R&D Assistant

Wioletta is highly qualificated in Chemical Technology especially in preparation and characterization of lignin-based spherical materials. She has also 2 years of experience in nanotechnology and with close attention to detail, she carried out a study about hydrogen adsorption and storage in carbon materials, mainly graphite-based materials. As a member of a student science project, she was performing a synthesis of ionic liquid.

Barbara Kubiak

R&D Associate 

Barbara has 2 years of experience in nanotechnology. She is a co-author of few international publications and has been a participant in many scientific conferences. In addition, she is the manager of the project “Estimation of photocatalytic and microbiological properties of titanium (IV) oxo-complexes” at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and a participant in the project ,,Assessment of mechanical properties and biological activity of composite coatings produced on aluminum and steel substrates”.